Cultraro Trading Srl

Cultraro group is always focusing on innovative products and new markets.

The needs of our customers have to come first, always.

In order to increase the depth of our product offering to our customers we launched Cultraro Trading in 2018. If our customer’s project solution is not found in our current catalogue of parts, we can now offer additional products with some of our strategic partners.

This way we can still offer our technical competence and production knowledge to help our customer make the right product choice and to ensure the supply and fair pricing.

Cultraro Trading’s knowledge of Quality, Design, Production and Logistics, makes us the right partner for sourcing technical parts around the world delivered with the best quality, price, and service.
The company has the support of Cultraro group to accomplish this mission.

Do you need to control a mechanical motion? Contact us!



Innovation is a keyword for all the Cultraro group, based on the continuous research for improved performance in the smallest package.
We offer innovative trading solutions: our global trading ensures very high competence on traded products and faster service due to the knowledge of the market and the applications.


Worldwide Locations

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